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Dirty Hands

To get your hands dirty:

to work, to forge, to overwork, hands-on labour, to slog;

to become involved in something dishonest, unseemly, to cheat, defraud, falsify, to poach, to fake; mysophobia: the pathological fear of contamination and germs; hand-washing practices and manicures and nail bars; ethics- are dirty hands avoidable ? To contemplate the possibility that there are situations where, no matter what one does, there is no way to avoid committing a moral wrong?


The work evolved from a series of ceramic workshops, where black and white clay is manipulated, activated and applied. Engaging first hand in its tactile relationship, the material embodies a physical manifestation of dirty hands through working, throwing and kneading.


Through the process of getting our hands dirty we consider how we curate our imagination in order to gain insights into art practice. To be curious about the actions or things that trigger the desire to become involved in the weird things that are called art. The moments of revelation. Pebbles in pockets, putting lipstick on, jam jar spells and poisons, creating the perfect railway track, or never stepping on the cracks in pavements, and the realisation that this matters.

Becoming Animal

Back clay, false eyelashes, fake nails, nail polish, mirror.


Gorilla Sliders

Back clay, fake fur.



Revelation Age: 6



Revelation Age 6.jpg
Revelation Age 7 b.jpg
Revelation Age 7 b.jpg

Crane Fly.

Streel, String.


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