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They flower into deadly nightshade


Double sided risograph with text and imagery


First edition, 120 copies

Texts: Jessica Wetherly

Design: Jessica Wetherly


Postage £2.50


SINK OR FLOAT : An Artificial Island


A collection of essays and poetry that reflect on the rich ecologies of marshland, mudflats and seagrass meadows in a regenerative exploration of depleted wilderness and polluted waterways around British Coastlines. The publication documents a collaborative research project with artists, writers and scientists in conjunction with the exhibition Sink or Float at Aspex Portsmouth  2022. 


First edition, 200 copies

Texts: Fiona Glen, Richard Jones, Ann Kim, Kenji Lim, Ellie Parker, Anna Souter, Anton Spice, Linda Turner, Catriona Robertson, Gordon Watson, Jessica Wetherly

Design by Will Kit Bindley & Jessica Wetherly


Postage £3.50

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Tele.(Gram) : Frequencies of the Forest


Essays cite the context of the exhibition, a description of Eretza demonstrates the cold tone of technology in contrast to the magic of lived experience, a reminder of how much we can learn just by being outside. The image essays begin with photos of plants by the river using only light reflected from the water to distort and blur. It evolves into a search for textures within the surface materials of the landscape.


First Edition, 800 copies

Texts by Jessica Wetherly and Fiona Glen.

Translations by Jose Duarte Rodriguez, Santiago Oier

Design by Stewart Hardie  


Postage :£3.50

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