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Jesmonite, acrylic, wood, nylon, polymer clay, epoxy resin, paper, metal.


Net:Camouflage presents a series of slippery critters perched against digital prints in high saturation. The pixelation fragments and distorts from reality. Form flattened, direction disrupted the frozen shapes merge and re-emerge from the crystallised textures. The project uses pattern and other techniques of digital camouflage to subvert our clarity of vision and recognition through disjointed geometry, reflection and repetition. As the forms disperse amongst the rocky terrain, they refer to the flatness of the screen, the board game, the image and the game space.

In the speed of the digital age, many things slip past us without even our noticing disguised with other information. Surveillance perforates our lives with a multiplicity of facial recognition softwares and data mapping appearing as services whilst commodifying the user. As the rate of change increases, we have to find new ways to decipher the coded world around us. This project presents an animal allegory of distortion,  the disarming uncertainty of things hidden in plain sight.

net camouflage-whole1.jpg
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chameleon portrait.jpg
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