Polystyrene, plaster, tin foil, wire, Xerox prints, silicone, earthenware.


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If all else fails considers the intelligence found in an other in order to see the potential of different possible futures, An observational study of a desert environment finds presence of life that can survive an apocalyptic world. Large-format prints of a non-identifiable landscape site objects that appear like flotsam, as though washed ashore. The objects have a sense of buoyancy; both materially and formally they are suspended in a shiny eternal present haunted by the trace of human touch.


With the realization that time is ticking for humanity on Earth, this exhibition confronts present fears of a future world slowly becoming shrink wrapped in plastic – a material whose seemingly futile existence will outlast our own. The current acceleration emphasizes the suffocation inflicted upon not only ourselves but all living things.

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Kingpin, Goblet.

Polystyrene, plasticene, foil, paper, silicon.


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Tamagotchi Warrior

Polystyrene, expanding foam, Xerox, microfibre.


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Mirrored dreams



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