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To be as light as the sky

Part of the permanent collection at Arte Contemporary, La Rapita, Spain

To be as light as the sky

Resin fibreglass


How do we relearn the lightness of being when humanity weighs so heavily on the earth.  

To be as light as the sky is a reminder of our symbiotic relationships with other beings. The horse and human merge together into a collective self crowned with a fan of leaves. When the Spanish colonised America the native people called the riders 6 legged beasts, describing the powerful union between man and animal. We have so much to learn from the companionship and communication that occurs between different beings. This is a monument to this knowledge, not to our abuse of the power we gain but a respect and wisdom of other creatures that we cohabit the earth with. The bird in this piece represents a mascot, a wild friend, a spirit, a familiar, a demon. Corvid species have both good fortune and bad luck, long associated with magic mystery and folklore, they are a symbol of potential, of something about to happen.

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