Song of the Siren

Papermache, steel, plastic, pvc tube, electronics. 


The project song of the siren was made during a residency at Korai Project Space in Nicosia, Cyprus. It centres around this ancient symbol of seduction and disorientation, to describe the fear and disorientation in contemporary society with our ever increasing reliance on technology. I Investigated how hundreds of years of observing the planets, of striving to discern our place within the universe have been condensed into elaborate equations stored in the instruments we use everyday without a second thought. Generations of learning are now obscured, hidden in code. We have become detached and disillusioned - seduced into submission by our desire and insistence on adapting and relying on technology. When I look at the little blue searchlight on my gps device, I wonder at the abstract symbols that make up the blank memories. I feel disoriented when I zoom out to a wider world view. Isolated on an island surrounded by sea, I realise how little I respected distance within the ease of a globalised world.

© Jessica Wetherly

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